Z-Tone Studio

Experience the pinnacle of pleasure when you elevate your project to professional standards by recording with real instruments.

This transformative step enhances every aspect of your track, from quality to arrangement, workflow, and emotional resonance. Allowing your music to resonate with listeners on a whole new level. However, achieving this level of production in your home studio is no easy feat. It requires knowledge, time, and financial investment.

Introducing Z-Tone Studio, a haven where you can immerse yourself for hours on end, honing your skills, playing, and recording your music using authentic synthesizers. 

GIO-z, a seasoned expert, will be delighted to lend his expertise and guide you through your session at Z-Tone Studio.

During your time here, you will delve deeper into sound design, signal flow, wiring, recording techniques, and so much more.

This opportunity lets you experience the magic of creating music in a professional studio with hands-on access to professional gear. All at an affordable price. Isn’t that enticing?

Wondering how it all works?

You can bring in a project you’re currently working on, and explore sound design possibilities using the synthesizers, resulting in pristine stems ready for mixing. Alternatively, you can embark on a fresh project from scratch, indulging in a DAW-less setup for a live jam session.

Now, let’s address the cost.

The studio’s booking system is flexible, with a minimum booking time of three hours priced at 35$/h, and you can reserve up to 10 hours per day, providing ample time to complete your project.

Take your music to new heights and seize this opportunity to unleash your creativity at Z-Tone Studio!

📍400- 185 Rue de Louvain O, Montréal, QC H2N 1A3

📧 info@ztonestudio.com
📞 +1(438)356-6668

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