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Musician, producer, DJ and sound engineer George Zeitoun “AKA GIO-z”.

He developed his style by creating harmony among several music cultures and combining them into one track!

For him, it’s all about creating the right mood, a deep hypnotic groove that will have you tapping your feet without realizing that you are doing it.

Regardless of your taste in music, when you listen to GIO-z unique style of music and beats, don’t be surprised if you find yourself making involuntary movements on the dance floor!

Cactus In The Desert (((Stereo Mix)))


They say, when you read a story you imagine your own scenario.

I made, a track that makes you imagine your own story and its scenes! 

☢︎ From the moment you click play, there’s no going back! So put your headphones on, lean back, be ready to pass 12 “no-feeling” minutes, close your eyes and enjoy your own trip! 

Cactus In The Desert (Stereo Mix) is an Electro-Acoustic Progressive Ethnic Techno music, which makes it unique in style.

〠 Besides, no matter how many times you play it, you won’t be able to count the melodies and sounds in it; and even if you try to count them you will find yourself floating with the Arab melodies and lost in the desert!

Cactus In The Desert (((Stereo Mix)))

News :

  • A cactus in the desert is  OUT NOW!
  • GIO-z was in live streaming from La Shop – Montreal.
  • OCase continues with its 4ths mix O2Case 5 on SoundCloud & MixCloud.
  • In The Dark We Shine A weekly live DJ show on our YouTube channel continues every Thursday 21:00 GMT. 
  • Power of peace in its first month(February 2020), achieved +23k of streams on Spotify
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