Musician, producer, DJ and sound engineer George Zeitoun “AKA GIO-z”, developed his style by creating harmony among several music cultures and combining them into one track!

For him, it’s all about creating the right mood, a deep hypnotic groove that will have you tapping your feet without realizing that you are doing it.

Regardless of your taste in music, when you listen to GIO-z unique style of music and beats, don’t be surprised if you find yourself making involuntary movements on the dance floor!


Wait For Her


With a cup of drink inlaid with lapis

Wait or her

On a puddle of water at the evening among cologne flower smell,

Wait for her

With the gallant, delicate taste of a prince

Wait for her

With the masculine scent of sandalwood around horseback

Wait for her

Speak to her as a flute would to a frightened violin string

Gently touch her hand, when she lays the cup on the marble 

As if you are picking up the dew off it.

Do not glance at the twin partridges sleeping on her chest.

And wait for her

If she arrives late

wait for her.

If she arrives early, wait for her.

wait for her…

As if you both were witnessing, what tomorrow is

And Wait For Her.


بِكوبِ الشراب المرصَّع باللازوردِ

على بركة الماء حول المساء وزَهْر الكُولُونيا

بذَوْقِ الأمير الرفيع البديع

برائحة الصَنْدَلِ الذَكَريَّةِ حول ظُهُور الخيولِ

تحدَّثْ إليها كما يتحدَّثُ نايٌ
إلى وَتَرٍ خائفٍ في الكمانِ

ومُسَّ على مَهَل يَدَها عندما

تَضَعُ الكأسَ فوق الرخامِ
كأنَّكَ تحملُ عنها الندى

ولا تتطلَّعْ إلى تَوأَمَيْ حَجَلٍ نائمين على صدرها
و إنْتَظِرهَا

فإن أقبلَتْ بعد موعدها

وإن أقبلتْ قبل موعدها


كأنكما شاهدانِ على ما يُعِدُّ غَدٌ لكما


Composer- Arrangement: GIO-z 
Voice Over: Mahmoud Darwish
Mixing: GIO-z
Mastering: Smart DSP

News :

  • Wait For Her is  OUT NOW!
  • GIO-z played his music in Tech-Or-Treat (private Halloween party) Montreal.
  • Beat Addict (Ethinc Deep House) live DJ mix was streaming every Saturday on ME Radio (Montreal) at 9:00pm EST. Check-out some episodes HERE 
  • Damascus Underground Session (21 Jul) streamed on Frisky Radio. Check it out HERE
  • OCase continues with its 7ths mix O2Case 7 on SoundCloud & MixCloud.
  • MinDuni (Without me) ft. EMINEM hits +225K Views on his YouTube channel
  • Power of peace in its first month(February 2020), achieved +45K of streams on Spotify
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